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Yey, its mez

Age. 17
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. White Gurl
Location My room, VA
School. Other
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Holla at Mez!
I'm Bouncin off Da Wallz Again!

Yo wudupz
Tuesday. 10.7.03 8:03 am
hey heyz .. i know this is gonna be sorta short cuz im chilin here in school n were about to go to some fund rasier shit so i cant ryte but a lil ... im mad that here at school i cant ryte in the dern lil chatterbox thingie.. :( that makes me mad... Laura u need to update ur junk...lol.. i know im a fine one to be talkin ..lol.. anywhoz.. im tired as can be preston picked me up this morning at like 6:50 am that is just way to damn early..some girl is trynna hate up on me for what reason i dunno but i got news for her 1 i dont care if she hates me or not n 2 she better make sure she can handle what she attempts to start.. damn people up in this school i swear i cant wait till i graduate cuz imma be dun beat someones ass before this year is over i know..errz... but anywhoz the assemebly is about to start here soon so i guess im gonna hafta finish ryting in this junk later on ..(TO BE CONTINUED)..LMAO Yo yo yoz im back..lol im at home chillin now tho.. that fundraiser junk was stupid i had to sit threw the dern assembly for it 2 times i was like eugh...but hey it was better then doin work i guess..but anywhoz the past few days been a lil crazy i guess you could say .. this week has been alright not the very best but not the worst it could be either...preston finally went home i swear i think hes startin to live in my damn house... the boy never stays home...lol.. i kinna made him mad today tho i wont the only one it was elizabeth n valerie too...he scured me when he yelled at valerie.. but i dint let him know it scured me i guess he could just see it in my eyes cuz he said i looked like i was gonna cry.. but we talked about alota shit.. n damn if ya dont find out new shit every day.. i swear thats a true sayin in life.. i felt bad tho cuz he had been actin sorta funny the past few days.. n come to find out it was cuzza me n his ma.. i was like damn... but all that straightened up today... so thats a good thing :) Man. it feels so weird not talkin to my girls that much anymore but seems like were all bizy with school shit ryte now.. its really crazy.. lol laura someone threw a gum wrapper at me today.. it reminded me of ya..lolz.. im bout tired of watchin these bratty ass children.. i feel bad cuz it seems like now everyone asks me to do junk here lately in im stuck in my house babysittin as if i had dun had two children of my own.. but nope.. gotta watch these lil rugrats (bro n sis) kaylas drivin me crazy i have to fight with her everyday to do her homework... go figure tho..but anywayz i better get offa here cuz mom might be trynna call n my phones still messed up from the damn hurricane i dont think the telephone people ever gonna get offa they asses n come n fix it.. they better hurry it up thoz... but i gotta put the kiddies to bed so ttyl.. HAVE FUN AT SCHOOL TEFFIE N LAURA *MWAHS* holla at cha girl YO HEZ A CUTIE!!LMAO booty dancer..lol

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Bout Time I ryte of in this Shiznitz
Sunday. 10.5.03 10:00 pm
Hey heyz.. bout time i get a chance to ryte in this thing i been so bizy here lately i just aint had time.. i finally ordered all my senior stuff :-D go me!! hehez.. last week was sorta a boring week i was sick somewhat so thats one of the many reasons i dint ryte n here.. n like so much crap happened that was sorta funny n all but i cant member all that i wanted to ryte .. dont ya just hate that..lol thursday was mix match day n junk at school i looked soo messed up ..but thats me ya know..haha.. n friday was spirit day i figured might as well make the best of homecoming since its my last year..it was pretty cool tho. i got to met prestons mom thursday i was so embarrased but it was all kiool i guess.. i talked to him bout junk so i think hes got a better understanding about things now ..so thats a good thing.. then yesterday(saturday) i got a letter from matt n junk .. like i really needed that but im tryin to forget about it in put it to the side im not ryting him back tho im gonna let him see how it feels to be neglected for once...but anywhoz i chilled with laura n steph yesterday man it was fun .. we act like such lil kids when we hang it outs funny... we went to target in slippers that was halarious everyone was lookin at us like we were crazy.. n then ya know leave it to me to be stupid gonna break out dancin in the isle(spellled that wrong but ahh well) then i got pushed around n the buggy .. that had to be the most funniest thing anyone had ever seen n throwin me n a trunk... sheesh see all the love...lmao... but anwhoz.. it was funny then we chilled at lauras house jumpin on the trampoline n makin burnt pizzas n eggrolls..lol..ONLY US...LMAOZ n then today i dint really do to much cept stay at home n wash clothes all day.. n i just watched 2 fast 2 furious that was good!!!!! them cars were Hott!! but unfortanitly i gotta get my junk ready for school tomorrow yey oh yey .. how im so lookin forward to gettin up at 6 am... but awww tomorrows Laura n stephanies first day of ECPI GOOD LUCK GIRLS I HOPE YEW GUYS HAVE FUN *MWAHZ*

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Wednesday. 10.1.03 9:03 am
Hey heyz yew guyz sorry i aint been on much but you know since moms back at work this week n her boss is on vacation ryte now so i gotta keep the phone lines open.. yey oh yey.. plus i aint been feeling to good lately.. i gotta cold from preston plus im just kinna eugh feelin ya know what i mean.. its crazy.. anywhoz.. lol i went to school n junk yesterday it was alright i guess.. everyone was lookin at my senior pics i was like dang... elizabeth liked um tho she thought they were really good i wish i only liked the way they turned out as much as she did..lol.. but anywhoz i gotta ride home with preston n junk.. i got to see where his house n junk was it was nifty..lol.. n i got to ride wit him to food lion n to take my lil shorty (elizabeth)home..lol.. haha we stoped on the side of the road to call prestons mom really quick n valerie (prestons sister) got elizabeth a pine cone that was on the side of the road.. n gave it to elizabeth cuz she wanted it..lol elizabeth put it in prestons car n told him that he could never ever take it out ...lol it was jumpin around n the car cuz the bass was on.. i was bout to die laughin..lol.. but anywhoz.. i chilled with him till about 7 last night .. we picked up my sister n all that good junk n just chilled around.. he was tellin me alota stuff n like how he felt bad bout some things but he really wouldnt explain it all i mean it was like he dindt really want me to know or something i guess which is cool but he could talk to me about it n all .. so ya know how that is .. well im at school ryting n the bell is about to ring so i will ttyl love ya allz mwahz

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A boring day
Monday. 9.29.03 9:26 pm
hey heyz.. sup iz bored just finished doin my damn english homework dun.. damn that junk was confusing.. lol..thats a blonde for ya tho..anywhoz we finally got back to school after the damn hurricane..im mad there shorting our x-mas break for makeup days thats shiesty... for realz..i got my senior pix back in the mail today they turned out alright i guess. some didnt turn out that great but ahh wellz.. im tired as can be i should be in the bed sleepin cuz i didnt get much sleep last night but imma go to bed here soon..atleast today went good just was boring.. howz the speed bumps goin stephie..lol.. or whata bout them treelights laura..lmao.. oh yea laura thankx chica for pickin me up from school.. i owe ya ass big time all the shit ya do for me...*mwahz* well derns i cant thinka nothing more to really ryte so imma end this ryte here n go n chill forra lil bit cuz my eyeballiez is startin to hurts luv yaz mwahz

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So Far So Good
Sunday. 9.28.03 11:37 pm
hey heyz.. im chillin here bored as usualy..even tho i gotta be up for school in like 6 hours but uh yea.. im not really caring to much bout that ryte now.. iz trynna make stephie feel betterz.. smile stephie i yuv yewz...*mwahz*Ive had a boring few past days well sorta anyways i been cleanin n all that good junk..what fun dont ya just wish ya could have helped ..lol anywhoz..todays been good so far usually something bad always happens to me on the 28th but nothing really has .. so thats a good thing i kinna sad tho .. some dum reason i keep thinkin of matt.. its like i wanna get over him n be happy but something wont let me.. today we were suppose to have been together 15 months but yeah that didnt happen ..lol i laughed at preston this morning tho.. he called me at like 9 am wantin to come over but my mother doesnt trust me to leave me at home with a guy so yea he dint come over..i felt bad cuz he wanted to come n chill but mom was bein a buttmunch.. but anyways i laughed at him because he told me he went to six flags n he tried to play the lil games he said he tried to win a teddy bear n a tweetybird.. but some old ass lady kept beatin him i mean i was bout to die laughin in the floor it was cute that he tried but funny he got beat by an old lady it was just way to funny.. im glad i get to go back to school tomorrow in a way cuz im sick of sittin in this damn house.. i actually did my government homework by myself woohooz go me!!! well anywhoz i better get goin to bed cuz i gotta get up early ... i luv yew allz *smiles* *mwahz* holla at cha lataz

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Smile U've Got Frenches
Thursday. 9.25.03 11:01 pm
hey heyz yew guys sup..im bored..lol.. i had a boring/intresting day i guess.. i got up early 9 am aint that a first besides on school mornings of course..lol.. anywhoz.. preston came over n chilled with me for a while today.. he's so damn sweet... n gettin mighty brave these days too.. aint that something.. haha... i got lil sad today tho cuz some of the things he said n how he said um made me thinka matt.. dunno why but i guess its just cuz that part of me that will always love him to an extent...he asked me out again.. i felt bad cuz i kinna stalled around again.. but i broke down in told him how it was gonna take me a lil while to get over matt n all.. he understood... n i kept tellin him i was sorry n i know i was so damn dumb that i could see that he really wanted to be with me n all but yet my hearts bein stubborn n dont wanna let no one into it.. ya know what i mean..but he tried to make me feel better plus he got lil mad at me sayin mean things so he said...lol haha he had to go to work with sparkly lip gloss on him cuz he reached over n kissed me so i was pickin on him..i thought it was sorta funny.. i helped ma clean out the refrigerator today.. haha she spilled bleach everywhere it was funny.. till i had to clean it all up..:- laura n stephanie came n visited we all tattoo'd each other up with ink pens..lol.. only us.... anywhoz imma lil hungry so imma go get me some cookies talk to ya lata on..lol luv yaz brit

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